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Product Information

What is C-Infinity?

C-Infinity is a polyester fabric that is used exclusively in Funky Trunks and Funkita swimwear. It has exceptional strength and can retain its durability far beyond other elastane swimwear fabrics. It is ideal for frequent pool use for recreational and performance based swimming. It generates high definition colour results after printing, has exceptional chlorine resistance, excellent elasticity to maintain its shape and offer firm compression, has a soft handle and is quick drying and highly breathable. It also offers 50+ UV sun protection. C-Infinity is a premium polyester that is milled in Italy and if cared for properly will provide excellent use over a prolonged period of time.

Are your swimwear products chlorine resistant?

Yes, our swimwear range utilises our exclusive C-Infinity fabric which is constructed from a superior quality polyester. The fabric contains no elastane which is the component of elastane-based swimwear that breaks down in chlorinated water.

Do your swimwear products offer UV protection?

Yes, our polyester fabric has a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 50+, which means 97.5 - 98% of UV radiation is blocked by the fabric. To find out what a UPF rating means click here

The product I want is unavailable. Will you reorder more?

We tend not to reorder products once they sell out as we like to keep our range regularly updated with new prints and styles. We can help you track a product down with one of our retailers otherwise it’s best to wait for our new range release which occurs three times a year.

What’s the difference between a Boys size 14 and a Mens size XS?

In the Classic Trunk swimwear, although the measurements are the same, the cut of these two products is very different. The men’s cut features wider front seams for added room which may not fit suitably on a younger boy even though they have the same waist measurement.

Product Care

How should I care for my swimwear?

Our swimwear garments are made from a durable polyester fabric however it is important that they are looked after like any garment that you wish to keep for a long time. Here are a few tips:

  • Always rinse your swimwear in clean water, or wash with a mild detergent after every use.
  • Dry your swimwear in the shade as the damaging rays of the sun will deteriorate the fabric quicker. Don’t leave your swimwear rolled in a wet towel all day and expect it to live a long life!
  • Avoid excessive chlorine as high degrees of any chemical will result in bleaching of the colour and will destroy the fabric and garment stitching.
  • Avoid regular spas as the combination of heat and chlorine will deteriorate your swimwear more rapidly.
  • Avoid contact with sunscreens, perfume, deodorant, tanning products and excessive perspiration. These can all cause staining and age your swimwear. The oils in these products can deteriorate elastic so ensure you rinse your swimwear thoroughly after use.
  • Rough surfaces cause snagging and wear-and-tear to your swimwear. If you use a waterslide, lie on concrete, slide off the edge into a pool you will cause pilling of the fabric. If you slide along the footpath in your best Sunday suit it will get damaged and your swimwear is no different.
  • Remove any trapped sand by gently running your fingernail over your swimwear.
  • Do not iron or tumble dry your swimwear.
  • If your swimwear has a drawcord pull the cords together to tighten rather than away from each other, otherwise you may rip the drawcord holes.

How should I care for my underwear?

Although special in every other way you can wash your Funky Trunks Underwear in the same manner as you would the rest of your underwear. If you’ve never washed your underwear here are a few tips:

  • Put them in a warm machine wash
  • Don’t wash with contrast colours or bleach them
  • Use a low heat tumble dry and medium iron
  • If you love them so much you can even dry clean them!


How can I pay for my order?

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club via our secure checkout. We also accept payment via PayPal (for payments outside Australia only).

Can I make a credit card payment over the phone?

Yes, we can accept credit card payments over the phone if necessary, however our online facility offers just as strong security for your credit card transaction.

How will you deliver my order?

To see all the information about delivery service you can view the Shipping & Delivery section by clicking here.

What is your returns and exchanges policy?

We have a flexible returns policy which you can view in detail in our Returns & Exchanges section by clicking here.

Will I receive a confirmation of my order by email?

Yes. When your order is finalised you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your order. It is important you check your order details and address are correct. If you do not receive a confirmation email it means your order has not been successful, so you will need to submit another order.


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We have a very secure online ordering system which unfortunately will not allow customers to make online purchases in the following scenarios.

- You are currently overseas and trying to purchase online whilst using an Australian credit card
- You are currently overseas, using an overseas credit card and trying to have the items delivered to an Australian address.

If neither of these above scenarios apply to you please contact our customer service team and we will be able to assist you by manually submitting your order and taking payment over the phone. We also accept payment by Paypal for customers outside Australia.


Yes you can shop for both Funky Trunks and Funkita products in one transaction. Proceed with your shopping, add the items you wish to buy from Funky Trunks, then on the top right, click on Funkita and continue to do the same. Once you have completed your shopping simply click on view cart and you should find all your items from Funky Trunks and Funkita together at the checkout.


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You will find a unique voucher code listed, you need to copy and paste the code into the voucher code box at the check out and click apply before continuing with the purchase for the discount to apply.

General Information

What does a UPF 50+ rating mean?

In Australia on clear summer days people with unprotected fair skin can receive enough UVR (ultraviolet radiation) to exceed recommended exposure limits and cause a sunburn in about fifteen minutes. If their skin is covered with a garment, the UVR exposure they receive will be significantly reduced.

For example, wearing one of our swimwear items that has a UPF rating of 50+ will reduce UVR exposure to the skin beneath the swimwear by a factor of 50. This means it will only allow one fiftieth of the UVR to pass through it.


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