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The Pine Family Goes Green

8 August 2019

 Adam Pine and Sasha Pine with their boys.
The Pine Family love their new matching Eco C-Infinity Pandaddy Funky Trunks and Funkitas.

Three-time Olympian Adam Pine and stylist powerhouse Sasha Pine have got their work cut out for them raising 4 active boys while balancing their careers and a healthy lifestyle. As long-time fans of Funky Trunks and Funkita they were keen to jump on the Eco C-Infinity Funky Trunks and Funkita bandwagon and deck out their entire family in Pandaddy gear. Choosing environmentally friendly swimwear for their family makes living greener that little bit easier and with today's busy lives who wouldn't want to make things a bit less complicated?

Adam, who was one of Australia's longest serving national swimming team members, is currently working for Swimming Australia as the Paralympic Performance Manager. In the lead up to the Para World Championships and the 2020 Paralympics, the role is particularly demanding but Adam manages it all incredibly well, especially with Sasha to support him through it.

Adam Pine with his boys.
Adam hopes to set a great example for his boys through working hard but putting family first.

How have you found working with Swimming Australia and specifically the Paralympic team?

AP: It is a challenging and rewarding role with a variety of requirements. No two days are the same. We have had a successful 2018 with the Para Pan Pacs and Commonwealth Games and I am looking forward to assisting our team to some great performances at the Para World Championships in London and at the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

What has it been like for you balancing work with your family?

AP: Balance can be tricky but when I am home I try and be present and focus on my family. I guess it forces me to be more efficient when at work and as our kids grow up they understand the needs of my role. Sasha of course is extremely supportive and helps to make it work and allows all of us to juggle all of our commitments.

Does your competitive side come out with your kids? Do you encourage them to follow in your footsteps and compete as well?

AP: With four boys everything is a competition. We race to the door and to the dining table and love to play all types of sports and games. In terms of the kids' sport we are just supportive parents. I am very relaxed when they do swimming events and just want them to have fun.

What lessons from your swimming career do you hope to pass on to your boys?

AP: I hope I have led by example and showed that success takes hard work and dedication, but the most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing. You need to love the journey and celebrate the outcome whatever that may be.

 Sasha Pine and her boys on the beach.
Life on the Gold Coast means lots of beach time for the Pine family.

Were you excited when you found out that Funky Trunks and Funkita now do Eco-Friendly swimwear?

SP: We were so excited to find out that Funky Trunks and Funkita now do eco-friendly swimwear! Who would have thought that we can help the environment with the right swimwear? It's a nice way to still incorporate wearing our favourite swimwear while being environmentally friendly.

How have you found the new Eco C-Infinity Funky Trunks and Funkitas?

SP: As usual the new eco-friendly suits are as high quality, comfortable and stylish as ever.

What other things do you do to make your life greener and healthier?

SP: To make our life greener, we always recycle where possible. Our plastics are limited in our household. And I guess we can say by making the move to live on the Gold Coast was greener as we don't need heaters in winter time anymore!

How important has it been for you to raise your kids to be healthy and active?

SP: It's been absolutely paramount to raise our kids to be healthy and active. There are so many benefits to being active and for our family, there is no other option. From an early age our kids have been involved in some sort of physical activity plus swimming has been in the routine since day one for all the boys. The real benefits are being seen now that our first two boys are older. Max and Buster (16 and 14) swim most days and are very active in surf lifesaving. It's a wonderful environment for them. They are busy and keep out of trouble most of the time, because they are so active.

The Pine Boys catching some waves.
The Pine boys keep their parents busy with lots of activities, including swimming and surf lifesaving.

Has there ever been any challenges with managing your commitments while keeping healthy living a priority?

SP: The only time it's tricky would be when Adam is away with work and I'm trying to get kids to different activities at the same time. My afternoons are insane, I'm a constant Uber driver. Trying to find time to keep up my physical activities at the same time is a struggle then, but we make it work and I wouldn't want it any other way - except later morning swimming start times!

What is harder: motivating your kids to get up for morning training or getting up for morning yourself back when you were swimming competitively?

SP: It actually hasn't been hard motivating Max to go to morning training at all. He really only started training properly a couple of years ago. He absolutely loves it and he is the one making me get up to take him to training. For Buster on the other hand, swimming training is a struggle, but he would get up every morning for board training if he could. The little two aren't at that stage yet.

How important was it for you that your kids learn how to swim? Are you enjoying the racing side of it as well as a parent?

SP: There was absolutely no questions about it. We are around the water all the time so learning to swim was so important to us. All the boys were introduced to a pool by the time they were 3 weeks old. The racing side of swimming is a great. Adam does all of that! I took Max to Melbourne recently for School Sports Australia Championships, but I spent the time shopping rather than sitting at the pool! I'm not exactly a pushy swim parent.

What kind of swim parents are you and Adam? Any yelling on the side of the pool urging your kids to go faster?

SP: We are the parents that drop off and pick up at training. We go in occasionally but when I do, the head coach Raelene Ryan will look shocked and jokingly asking what's wrong! I'm pretty sure no one knows who my children belong to at the pool. Raylene said she was once told by Coach Dennis Cotteral that the best swim parents are the ones you never see... Well, that's us! We 100% support our kids swimming but don't feel we need to be there pushing them along. Swimming is a very gruelling sport. You have to want to do it and you have to absolutely love it. No parent can push that on their child if they want a happy and successful child. If I am at a swim meet, you'll find me talking and probably missing my child race. I'm always very proud of what they do.

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