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Male Model Lessons in Cult Cameo

29 March 2017

Jayden gets fresh in Hot Lips from Cult Cameo

Our number one goal at Funky Trunks HQ is to ensure that Funky Trunkers are always looking their best when they whip their pants off. Which is why we've released a brand new collection, Cult Cameo, to help guys everywhere maintain their perfectly defined reputation and abdominals. Take a look at the new range below and read carefully the advice adopted by the professor of the poolside strut, Olympian and Funky Trunks swimmer slash male model, Jayden Hadler.

Strike a pose in Pic Mix width=
Strike a pose in Pic Mix.
Strut struts in Bumble Jumble Jammers
Strut in Bumble Jumble Jammers.

Lesson one: The poolside strut

A strong poolside strut is to a male model what a paintbrush was to Picasso. It will define your style and become recognised as your signature to the world. Despite the illusion of ease, the strut requires an unswerving commitment and dedication to perfect. You'll strut as many metres up and down the side of the pool, as you will spend following the black line if you wish to be a true master.

 Cause a stir in Static Blur
Get spritzed up in Static Blur.

Lesson two: Spritz whenever possible

Droplets of water glistening on pecs is not an accident. They've been placed with care and precision to maximum the buffness factor. Be sure to carry a spritzer with you to have ready for the next swimsuit selfie and apply with care, too few droplets and you're flat and forgettable, too many and you're a drowned rat.

 Jayden wears Bumble Jumble
Note Jayden's delicate touch in Bumble Jumble.

Lesson three: Caress your goggles

Carry your goggles on the tips of your fingers like you're stroking the hair of a beautiful lover. As they swing gracefully by your muscular side feel the soft straps mould to your touch and become an extension of your body and soul. The indelible image of your powerful strut and delicate touch will send your influencer ranking soaring.

Hang out in Crazy Crayon
Casually hang out in Crazy Crayon.

Lesson four: Demonstrate your versatility

Who said strutting on pool deck was repetitive? You can look left, look right, look over your shoulder, smile, squint, the list goes on and the world will never tire of seeing your extraordinary versatility. Like the sculpture of David your every angle will shock, inspire and intrigue.

 Stand proud in Crazy Crayon
Showcase your assets in Crazy Crayon.

Lesson five: Turbo charge your assets

As Warren Buffet says, getting your assets to work for you is your priority in life. The main objective for training hard and pumping weights is to prime your assets to perform in front of the camera, swimming well in races or ultimately representing your country is just a bonus. So when the pants come down, don't be thinking stroke rates, getting your catch right in the water, no breathing off the wall, instead think of the five lessons of a male model and turn that pool deck into your personal catwalk. Your club and coach, and no doubt the whole world will appreciate your efforts to become the definition of beauty.

For more useless tips and awesome swimwear check out the entire Funky Trunks collection here.

 Fresh out of the water in Hot Lips Jammer
Fresh out of the water in Hot Lips Jammer.
 Practice the strut and stare in Static Blur Jammer
Practice the strut and stare in Static Blur Jammer

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