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Studying or working from home?

28 April 2020

Work from home

With the explosion in the number of people now working and studying from home due to COVID-19 many of us are having to adapt and change our everyday routines. It's tough enough not being able to get to the pool and having to change our training to dryland, let alone being confined to the house all day. So we've put together a few quick tips to help you adjust to your new home office space and make sure you keep productive in your new environment wherever that may be.

Create a workstation

You need to set your boundaries away from any other distractions in the house. This area you create is purely for work only, do not bring any distraction to your work station.

Set a time to buckle down and work

Working and studying from home can take some getting used to. Setting a timer or writing a list of tasks to complete before you can get up and have a break or shout yourself a treat can help in getting your work done.

Work from home

Use distractions as rewards

When you first start working or studying from home you will find yourself doing what you generally do when at home. Sitting on your phone, flicking through Netflix, laying on the couch. This doesn't help you get your work done or help keep your job. Use these habits as rewards instead. Set yourself a timer or tasks (like above) and once you have completed the jobs at hand, give yourself 5-10 minutes to see what's happening in the world, and repeat.


It's more important than ever. We know it's unusual to exercise on your lounge room floor or just at home in general. Break up your day and make sure you get your heart rate and body going. Try doing your main exercise first thing in the morning so you're getting the endorphins going. If you think it's too cold, think what it was like diving into the pool. Put on your Funky Trunks Hoodie and eat a teaspoon of cement.

At lunch time try do some dry land work if you can. Push ups, sits ups, squats and some light stretching. Sitting in a different position to what you are use to might give you a few tight areas to work on. Then finish the day by going for a walk before sitting down for the night. Remember to keep your distance wherever you go.

Don't keep working

Once you clock off, make sure that it's for the night. It's very easy to be sitting on your phone and keep working or studying. You need to rest your mind. This might be hard for the first few weeks as the phone is in your lap and you will 'just do one more email'. Stop. No more checking of emails. Keep a piece of paper on your workstation and go write a reminder if need be. This is where you now reward yourself for your strict routine and enjoy your Xbox, Netflix and catch up on your social media platforms.

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