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No Nationals, but F-Teamers remain positive

23 April 2020

Jamie Jak

Our F-Teamers, like so many Australian swimmers, were training flat out for the Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Championships, which were due to start today in Perth. Swimming Australia summed up the feeling for swimmers saying, "We understand that there will be significant disappointment for our swimmers who have put in so much time and effort to be in peak condition for this event, but these are unprecedented times and the welfare and safety of our athletes, coaches, staff, technical officials, members and their families is paramount." We checked in with our Funky Trunks athletes Jamie Jack, Ryan Bicknell, Tom Lightfoot and Max Giuliani who would have all been competing to see how they are dealing with the cancellation.

Which race were you most looking forward to and why?

Max - I was really excited to race the 100m Freestyle at Nationals because it's over so quickly!

Tom - With my success in the 400m IM at the 2019 Age and Open Champs, that race has been the focus of training blocks all year round. I was looking forward to racing what I had trained for at Nationals this year and was really hoping the kilometres of butterfly would pay off.

Jamie - 17yrs Men's 50 Freestyle. Going for national title second year in a row. Holding the title you could say.

Ryan - I was looking forward to the 100 Breaststroke as my breaststroke training had been looking good in season and I was hitting good times. Generally though, I was most looking forward to racing, I had been super keen to race all season and it?s all I wanted to do.

What is your PB in that race?

Max - My PB for the 100m Freestyle is 50.49.

Tom - My PB in the 400m IM is 4:28.55.

Jamie - My PB for the 50 Freestyle is 23.31.

Ryan - My PB in the 100m Breaststroke is a 1.04.48.

How many races were on your schedule?

Max - I had a decent schedule lined up with the 50m, 100m, 200m and 400m Freestyle events.

Tom - I had 10 races on my schedule and only one was 100m.

Jamie - 2 heats, 2 finals?

Ryan - I was scheduled to race the 50m,100m and 200m Breaststroke and the 50m,100m and 200m Butterfly.

Which race were you least looking forward to?

Max - There was no race I wasn't really looking forward to as I love racing all of those events.

Tom - I was definitely least looking forward to the 100m Breaststroke.

Jamie - Neither, I love the 100 Freestyle, it's so fun and great mental work. But 50 Freestyle was more important to me.

Ryan Bicknell

Ryan - I don't not look forward to racing anything.

What were you looking forward to the most about competing at Perth, have you been before?

Max - I was looking forward to the hard competition at Nationals and the chance of making the Junior Pan Pacs team.

Tom Lightfoot

Tom - I was really excited about outdoor racing in Perth and was looking forward to being outside in the warm weather.

Jamie - Junior team selection. Haven't been to Perth! I was excited to look around during the week.

Ryan - I was really looking forward to racing and seeing the outcome of the training that I had put in to see. I wanted to see the outcome of my training and not having an expectation on myself. In the season leading up I had been racing very up and down due to interrupted training and year 12 last year, but in the previous month I had been racing and training really well and the lead up was looking really good.

If the event were still on, what would you be doing a few days out before flying to Perth?

Max - A few days out from flying over to Perth I would have got a massage and I would have backed off in training. I would have made sure I had my Funky gear packed.

Tom - A few days out from flying to Perth I would have been spending time on PlayStation! My PlayStation always finds a special spot in the suitcase. Just having something familiar from home can be comforting in downtime at accommodation.

Jamie - Training... Hahaha! A lot of talk with coach and preparing what to do when I get down there.

Ryan - A few days out from Perth I would be just maintaining the same routine and just doing ?my thing?. That includes making sure I'm getting adequate sleep, chatting with mates, watching TV and just anything to take my mind off of racing and onto the moment where I?m just relaxing.

Are you going to shave down?

Jamie - I don't shave my legs, don't grow much leg hair thanks to chlorine either hahaha. So no I wasn't.

Ryan - I am doing the exact opposite in fact. I am growing out a moustache at the moment.

With all the nerves around racing, are you somewhat relieved it's cancelled? Or do you handle nerves well?

Max Giuliani

Max - I used to be terrible with nerves but I have gotten very good at handling them and I barely ever get nervous anymore.

Tom - I only ever get good nerves as I head to the marshalling room. We do so many hours in the pool that you can back yourself to do well. I feel more nervous when I know I haven't done my best leading up to the event. But I am relatively relieved that it has been cancelled, it means I can spend more time on all the schoolwork I would have procrastinated on.

Jamie - I like the nerves. Finally a big comp to prepare for and race hard! Needed a comp like this to do well and swim fast.

Ryan - I am not relieved that nationals are cancelled as I do handle my nerves quite well. I'd would say its due to the fact that I have attended a fair many nationals and have learnt over the years a fair bit about myself when it comes to competition.

Who would you have been rooming with?

Max - I had an apartment lined up in Perth with my Mum, my sister, my mate and his mum. But I would have had my own room!

Jamie - My dad! Mother would come later in the week.

Ryan - I would have been rooming all by myself at a hotel, no parents or anyone.

Do you think your coach is at home right now writing sets for your return?

Max - I'm super lucky that I still have access to a 20m and a 25m pool to keep up my training. My coach has been giving me sets each day. I can't wait to get back to training with my squad and competing at some big meets.

Tom - I have no doubt that my coach is at home right now writing sets for our return - just like every other coach in the country. Coming back, it will be harder than ever!

Jamie - No he's done his job and written my sets, could be preparing for my future sets? Or future in general!

Ryan - My coach is definitely not writing sets for my return, he is spending time with his family and making the most out of this situation which is an important lesson I have learnt from him over the years. Like him, I am making sure I am enjoying the break we have whilst making sure when we get back I am properly prepared.


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