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Big Swimming Comeback

28 February 2019

Robert Flood
MySwimPro Ambassador Robert Flood is back in the pool with his new Funky Trunks.

After more than 3 months out of the pool due to a major heel injury, Robert Flood has been building up his training again with help from Funky Trunks and MySwimPro. Rob shares his swimming journey below, including how he first got interested in swimming, his injury and the steps he's taken to help his recovery and get back in the pool.

I started swimming regularly back in 2012 as part of a charity challenge. My team swam the distance of the English Channel in a local pool. We swam about 50 lengths of a 25m pool each, which was a lot for me at the time. I started to swim once or twice a week and steadily built up my swimming from there. By 2014 I was swimming 3-4 times a week.

My swimming went to the next level after I decided to enter the 2016 Great Swim 10K event on Lake Windermere. I had never really swam in open water before this and I knew that this would take some serious swimming both indoor and outdoors to prepare for the event. Over the next 6 months I hit the open water as much as I could, thankfully there were some great facilities around me and a number of events close to hand. I completed the 10km swim in just under 3 hours and this has been my greatest achievement to date.

Robert Flood
After his heel injury Robert had to keep out of the pool for almost 3 months.

In September 2018 I had an accident which caused multiple fractures in my left heel bone. After I had surgery on my heel I was unable to swim or be remotely active. To reduce swelling and help with healing I had to keep my foot elevated as much as possible.

In late October my cast came off and I was put in a boot, but I was still about 4 weeks away from weight bearing. I started doing some light physiotherapy at home but I knew that I needed some focus so I entered the Windermere One Way Swim, which will take place on September 1, 2019. When I signed up for the swim I couldn't even walk let alone get back in the pool.

By the end of November I was given the "all clear" to start putting some weight on my foot. The muscles and tendons in my foot were very stiff but I was already thinking about getting back into the pool. My first swim post-surgery was on November 29th, 85 days since my accident. It was only a short swim but the sense of freedom getting back in the pool will be something I will never forget. I swam for a full 24 minutes and it probably took longer than that to get changed and showered afterwards but it was well worth it.

Robert Flood
It's much easier to get back into the pool with Funky Trunks to brighten up your training.

Since then I have been getting in the pool as much as I can. Recovery has been tough, but I have always tried to look forward and do what I can without jeopardizing my recovery. I'm working towards steadily increasing my distances in the pool and getting back to full fitness.

For me it was important that I didn't rush my recovery. I did what I could while waiting for my injury to heal. Now that I am back in the pool, I am taking things a bit easier, but I'm slowly getting back to the level I was before my injury. If I could fast forward to September and see that I managed to complete the Windermere One Way then I would be a happy man.

Rob has done an awesome job keeping his recovery on track with some help from us and MySwimPro. If you would like to see how MySwimPro and new Funky Trunks can help you smash your training goals then click here to visit their website and find out more.

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