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Coach’s Corner with Adam Kable

5 June 2017

Coach?s Corner

Standing on the blocks before a big race is just as much about the preparation you've done prior to the competition as it is about what you're about to do. Being physically and mentally prepared for each training session and race ensures you are giving yourself the best opportunity to gain strength and speed every time you dive in the water.

Adam Kable
Adam Kable is the High Performance Development Coach and Physiotherapist at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

Adam coaches ten elite swimmers including Australian Olympic swimmer Jacob Hansford, World Championships swimmer Kurt Herzog, and Australian team representatives Tomas Elliott and Ryan Roche. As a former elite swimmer himself, as well as a qualified physiotherapist, Adam has acquired a unique set of skills which has him perfectly placed to help his swimmers reach their potential.

We caught up with Adam to get his tips on how to prepare for training and competition to ensure you're in the best shape possible before hitting the water.

1. Stretch before and after training.

Stretching is vital to increase range of movement and prevent injuries that are common to swimmers. Making time before and after training will allow your muscles to warm up before being pushed to their limit and then recover in time for your next session. Grab a partner and stretch together to make it more enjoyable and improve your muscle activation by doing partner stretching.

2. Get enough sleep

It's one of the most underrated tools to recovery and can make a large difference in overall mood and wellness so get as much shut eye as you can! Athletes should get anywhere between 8 - 10 hours per night and notice the signs when you're fatigued because it's your body telling you it needs more rest.

3. Increase hydration

Carry a water bottle with you everywhere and drink regularly throughout the day, especially during training. Not only does it replace the fluids you lose through perspiration but it helps clear waste and toxins from your muscles that accumulate after exertion.

4. Get your diet right

Your body needs food to get through the day and to fuel the huge amount of energy that you exert at training. Building up energy reserves prior to competition is imperative to ensure you're ready to race at your best. Start to slowly increase your carb intake in the weeks leading up to a competition, ensuring that it is from healthy sources so your body can process it efficiently. Remove any sugary or junk foods from your diet, which should be all the time, but especially leading into a big race.

5. Train like you race

Every start, sprint, turn and finish you do in training is preparing you for your next big race. Make each of them count and they will become second nature to you so when you do finally step up on the blocks your mind and body knows the feeling of swimming fast and at your best.

That's it Funky Trunkers - now you've learnt the lessons, it's time to put them into practice!

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