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Jayden’s Tips for a Hot Summer of Swimming

1 December 2016

F-Teamer Jack Gerrard

Summer has arrived down under and we've dragged in our favourite Funky Trunker to give his tips on getting back into the pool if you're struggling for motivation. F-Teamer Jayden Hadler represented Australia at the 2012 London Olympics in the men's 100m and 200m butterfly events. He is the coach at Southern Cross Swimming Club where he his famous for his races against the kids (see here) and the club's recent mannequin challenge (see here). And of course he's modelling for Funky Trunks (see below).

1. Go with a partner: It will be a lot more enjoyable if it can become a social gathering, and you will be accountable to your friend or they will be left alone!

2. Mix it up - an important one! Don't just swim up and down mindlessly. Switch between strokes, alternate between fast and slow laps and use swimming gear. Funky Trunks and Funkita provides great goggles, kick boards, pull buoys to keep you busy.

3. Work on technique: Find something to improve your technique - whether that is getting streamlined after each tumble turn or keeping high elbows, it will give you something to think about.

4. Choose the right pool: The atmosphere makes a huge difference - for summer a nice outdoor pool is ideal.

5. You look good, you feel good: For guys, Funky Trunks have the best designs, patterns and colours around the pool. And for the girls, Funkita is unbelievable with the range of amazing colours and quality of the swimwear. My kids absolutely love their Funky Trunks and Funkitas and I think everyone else should too!

6. Consistency is key: Don't let your motivation die after the first swim. Be sure to set a schedule for regular sessions and stick to it. Reward yourself when you get through the week, a big breakfast treat after a Saturday morning session is the perfect way!

F-Teamer Jayden Hadler
F-Teamer Jayden Hadler struts his stuff for Funky Trunks.

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F-Teamer Jayden Hadler

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